Salina specialities

The principle reason why many visit Italy is for the food. The dining has to be among the best, if not the best, in the world. In every Italian region you can explore typical cuisine and local wine. The Aeolian cooking is strictly related to its marine tradition. A mixed of natural local herbs (wild fennel, wild arugula, dandelion etc.)are used to enhance flavours.

Fresh local Fish: squid (calamari/totani) with potatoes, sword fish, scorpion fish, grouper , prawns, and lobster
Pasta: seasoned with local herbs and capers, fresh tomatoes & olives
Meat: meatballs with potatoes, chicken seasoned with lemon, meatballs with sweet and sour sauce
Sweets: Malvasia of Salina - a sweet dessert wine considered one of the best in the world/granita (a semi-frozen treat) come locally grown: fig, mint, almond, lemon and blood orange


The food is so fresh that at noon you might be told there is no menu “because we don’t know what we’re getting in tonight”.


dovemangiare salina eolie

Where to eat


Il Delfino Restaurant
Marina Garibaldi street, 5 - Santa Marina Salina - Lingua
Tel. +39 090 9843024

N'ni Lausta Restaurant

Risorgimento street, 88 - S. Marina Salina
Tel. +39 090 9843486

A' Cannata Restaurant

Umberto I° street, 1 - Santa Marina Salina - Lingua
Tel. +39 090 9843161

Da Alfredo Restaurant Pizzeria

Marina Garibaldi street, 20 - Santa Marina Salina - Lingua 
Tel. +39 090 9843307 / +39 090 9843075

Porto Bello Restaurant

Lungomare street - Santa Marina Salina

Tel. +39 090 9843125

La Vela Restaurant

Risorgimento street, 139 - Santa marina Salina

Tel. +39 090 9843541 


Stanza pulita e accogliente. La struttura è facilmente raggiungibile anche a piedi dal porto e si trova in riva al mare. Un grazie a Simona che ci ha ospitato con cordialità e simpatia.
Raccomandato !
Igiene impeccabile, ottima colazione, posizione protetta
Tutto bene
Veronica Cacia
based on 98 reviews